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LED mini night light

LED mini night light

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product description:

1. 18 LED high-brightness lamp holders to ensure sufficient brightness and super bright white light source;

2. Long-life LED, the life span can reach more than 100,000 hours;

3. The flexible metal bellows can be rotated in all directions, bend freely, and adjust the angle. It does not need fixing methods such as clamps and glue, which is flexible and convenient!

4. Smooth and high-grade, newly designed metallic chrome color;

5. Small size, light weight, convenient to carry, very easy to put in a briefcase or folder;

6. No external power supply is required, and power is directly taken from the inserted USB port.

7. Super power saving, low power consumption, environmental protection;

8. It can softly illuminate the keyboard without affecting other people around;

9. The bright white LED can ensure a clear vision in the dark. When you are surfing the Internet or playing games at night, turn off the headlights and plug in such a USB light to protect your eyes from fatigue and save electricity bills. Influence the rest of others.

10. Suitable for laptops, desktop computers, etc.

Specifications: White silver tube with magnifying glass, black silver tube with magnifying glass,


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