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LED Infrared Physiotherapy Lamp Copy Physiotherapy Lamp

LED Infrared Physiotherapy Lamp Copy Physiotherapy Lamp

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Welcome to our website, where we proudly present the PAR38 LED Infrared Physiotherapy Lamp - the ultimate solution for personal health care and beauty needs. Designed to deliver targeted light therapy, this versatile lamp is perfect for both home use and beauty parlors, offering a range of benefits to enhance your well-being.

The PAR38 LED Infrared Physiotherapy Lamp is built to the highest specifications to ensure optimal performance. With an input voltage range of 85-265V, it can be easily connected to a wide variety of power supplies. The lamp features high-power LED lamp beads, providing powerful and focused light therapy. With 12 LED lamp beads, it offers comprehensive coverage for effective treatment.

The color temperature of 660-850K is carefully selected to provide the ideal balance for therapeutic applications. With a luminous flux of 400lm and a beam angle of 60°, the lamp delivers a bright and targeted illumination precisely where it is needed. The color rendering index of 70 ensures accurate and true color representation for precise assessment and treatment.

Crafted with an aluminum lamp body, the PAR38 LED Infrared Physiotherapy Lamp combines durability and efficient heat dissipation, ensuring safe and reliable operation. The lamp cap size is E27, making it compatible with standard sockets for easy installation. Although it does not support dimming, it offers a steady and consistent output for effective therapy sessions.

With an impressive effective life of 50,000 hours, this lamp ensures long-lasting performance and durability. Its compact size of 120mm in diameter and 138mm in height makes it versatile and easy to position in different settings. Weighing just 360g, it is lightweight and portable, allowing for easy handling and maneuverability.

The PAR38 LED Infrared Physiotherapy Lamp carries an IP20 protection class rating, making it suitable for indoor use. It has received CE and ROHS certifications, guaranteeing compliance with quality and safety standards.

Unlock the potential of light therapy for your personal health care and beauty needs with the PAR38 LED Infrared Physiotherapy Lamp. Experience the convenience, effectiveness, and reliability it offers, both at home and in professional beauty parlors. Explore our website to learn more about its capabilities and the range of benefits it brings to your well-being.


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