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"Portable Illumination On-the-Go: Introducing the Foreign Trade Folding Light LED Trilobe"

"Portable Illumination On-the-Go: Introducing the Foreign Trade Folding Light LED Trilobe"

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Versatile and Energy-Efficient: Leaf Light Folding Light for Convenient Illumination

The Leaf Light Folding Light is a versatile lighting solution designed for various applications. With its compact and portable design, it provides convenient illumination wherever you need it. Here are the key features of this product:

- Not Full Power: The Leaf Light operates at less than full power, providing energy-efficient lighting while still delivering ample brightness for your needs.

- Non-Import Product: This product is not imported, ensuring accessibility and availability.

- No Certification: While lacking specific certifications, the Leaf Light is built with quality materials and craftsmanship to meet high standards.

- No Intelligent Control: This model does not feature intelligent control, keeping the operation simple and straightforward.

- Model and Order Number: The Leaf Light is available in two models: Three Leaf Light and Four Leaf Light, both of which offer reliable and efficient illumination.

- Input Voltage and Beam Angle: With an input voltage of AC85-265V, this folding light can accommodate various power supplies. The wide beam angle of 180 degrees ensures a broad and evenly distributed light spread.

- Lamp Body Material and Protection Level: The Leaf Light features a durable ABS lamp body material and has a protection level of IP30, providing resistance against dust and small solid particles.

- Energy Efficiency and Warranty: Rated as Level 2 for energy efficiency, the Leaf Light is designed to minimize power consumption. It comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

- Power and Color Temperature: The power options range from 30W to 60W, providing different levels of brightness. You can choose from white light or warm light, each available in a narrow voltage or wide voltage option.

- Main Application Scenarios: This folding light is suitable for a variety of settings, including home lighting and commercial lighting, making it versatile for different environments.

The Leaf Light Folding Light is a practical and reliable lighting solution that offers convenience, energy efficiency, and flexibility for your lighting needs. Enjoy its portable design and quality illumination in various settings.


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