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"Roar into Adventure with our Dinosaur LED Light"

"Roar into Adventure with our Dinosaur LED Light"

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Experience the enchantment of our Dinosaur LED Light, crafted with Silicone PVC for a soft and durable design. Packaged in an OPP package and individual gift box, it's perfect for gifting or personal use.

Measuring 11*9*12.5 CM, this compact light is ideal for bedside tables, desks, or any cozy corner. With a long use time of 3 AG13 (or LR44) electrons lasting up to 100 hours, you can enjoy the comforting glow for extended periods.

The light emitted by our Dinosaur LED Light is sweet and gentle, creating a soothing atmosphere during nighttime. Its delightful dinosaur image adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any space. Additionally, it doubles as a small night lamp, making it perfect for nursing or bedtime routines.

The gross weight of 125g ensures easy portability and placement wherever you desire. Its versatility makes it suitable for children's rooms, nurseries, or as a decorative accent in any room.

Unleash the warm and cozy ambiance of our Dinosaur LED Light, bringing comfort and joy to your evenings. Let its gentle glow guide you through the night and add a playful touch to your space.


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