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Customize Your Outdoor Lighting with our Adjustable Solar Light!

Customize Your Outdoor Lighting with our Adjustable Solar Light!

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Introducing our Adjustable Solar Light (Model 1619) - a versatile outdoor lighting solution with customizable settings and impressive specifications.

Equipped with four lighting modes, this solar light offers flexibility to suit your specific needs. Easily switch between the modes with a single key press.

The solar panel, rated at 5V 3.2W, efficiently converts sunlight into energy, charging the included 3.2V 4500mAh lithium iron phosphate battery. With a high voltage of 3.65V and a minimum voltage of 2.65V, the battery ensures reliable power supply.

Featuring SMD2835 LEDs, this solar light delivers bright and efficient illumination with 48 LED bulbs. The LED specifications offer a choice between 4000K or 6000K color temperature, catering to your desired lighting ambiance.

With a maximum lumen output of 900lm, this solar light provides ample brightness for various outdoor applications. The induction angle of 120 degrees and an induction distance of 5-8 meters enhance its functionality and coverage.

Designed with durability in mind, this solar light boasts an IP65 waterproof rating, protecting it from water splashes and adverse weather conditions. Enjoy reliable performance throughout the year.

The solar light requires a charging time of at least 8 hours under direct sunlight to ensure optimal functionality. Once charged, it provides efficient and eco-friendly lighting for your outdoor spaces.

Customize your outdoor lighting experience with our Adjustable Solar Light. Embrace the convenience, sustainability, and versatility it offers, transforming your outdoor areas with ease.


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