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Shine Bright with our 36 LED Solar Wall Light!

Shine Bright with our 36 LED Solar Wall Light!

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Introducing our L808B Solar Sensor Light - an innovative and feature-packed lighting solution for your outdoor space.

With an extended sensing range of 3-8 meters, this solar sensor light ensures optimal motion detection, enhancing the customer experience and providing increased security. The built-in dimming function allows for efficient lighting, staying illuminated for 30 seconds ±5 seconds after detecting movement.

Designed with practicality in mind, the compact wall light pole minimizes packaging volume, reducing logistics costs. The adjustable 180° rotation capability of the pole enables easy installation in various environments, ensuring maximum sunlight exposure for efficient solar charging.

The concave surface design on the front of the lamp body prevents dust accumulation and facilitates easy cleaning. Rainwater mixed with dust will naturally flow away, ensuring the light maintains a clean appearance even after prolonged use. Additionally, the diamond outer design adds a touch of modernity and enhances wind resistance.

Safety is paramount, which is why the screws are securely installed within the lamp body, protecting against erosion from harsh weather conditions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your solar sensor light is durable and reliable.

Upgrade your outdoor lighting with the L808B Solar Sensor Light and experience the perfect blend of functionality and design. Illuminate your surroundings while enhancing security and adding a touch of technology to your outdoor space.


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