A company that has been selling LED lighting for a decade has likely gained a great deal of experience and knowledge in the field. Experience the future of lighting with our LED light manufacturing company. We have been at the forefront of the industry for over a decade, specializing in solar LED light energy to save you money and protect our planet. Our personal touch guarantees that each product is thoroughly inspected before it ships, ensuring you receive only the highest quality. With shipping times as fast as 5-11 days, you'll be basking in the brilliance of your new LED lights in no time. Our global sourcing network brings you the best of both worlds with products from the lush island of Sri Lanka and the high-tech nation of China"


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  • Divindu Director of LEDPOWERHOUSE

    Divindu Director of LEDPOWERHOUSE

    We have established this company over long working hours and weeks to get the best lighting solutions to our customers over the years.


    Light up your world with the power of the sun. Our solar LED lights harness the natural energy of the sun to provide bright and efficient lighting, reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint. Join the renewable energy revolution and make the switch to solar LED lighting today."